Adjustable steel props

Adjustable Steel props
Adjustable steel props are among one our most popular scaffolding items. We provide high quality adjustable steep props to all our clients. We provide adjustable steep props which have high-load bearing capacity. The main purpose for which they are put to use is providing even support to horizontal formwork. We provide easy to install steel props, like wise one can easily alter their heights and also dismantle them when the job is done.
The unique features are the high tensile steel pin which is located through a slot in the outer section and a hole in the inner section for necessary adjustments. The cast collar located below the pin is used in fine adjustment for lending and striking. There is a self cleaning device on the collar nut which is automatic. Tpi acme square thread ensures load bearing strength at this crucial point.
The main component of adjustable steep props
As the name suggests these are made out of steel. We use high quality steel for manufacturing of adjustable steel props. Thus, all our steel props exhibit tremendous strength. For this reason they can bear the load of even very heavy constructions. All our steel props are made out with galvanized finish. This makes them rust proof. We use high quality material to ensure that all our props are extremely resistant. Since these props are subjected to high wear and tear in sites, they must have the strength to bear with the wear and tear and serve efficiently for longer period of time.
Our adjustable steel props which are extremely popular are available in varied heights and diameters. We also provide steel props the surface of which is highly either painted or powder coated. All these factors have enabled us to create and maintain the market reputation that we are very proud of.

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