H-frame Scaffolding

H-Frame scaffolding
We are a name engaged in supplying high quality H-Frame scaffolding to our trusted customers. We take delight in providing vast type of H-frame scaffolding systems. We provide our customers with dimensions, designs and finishes. The best quality H- frames offered by us is used by construction industry.
The features of our high quality H-frame scaffolding

  • Low maintenance – Our H- frame scaffolding is low maintenance. Thus, they can be used for heavy construction work.
  • High performance – The H- frame scaffolding is high performing. They can be put to use for high excelling construction work.
  • User friendly operation- We believe in user friendly operation, we operate in a manner that our clients experience complete ease.

Specialty of H-frame scaffolding frames
The biggest specialty of H-frame scaffolding frames is that they have a frame work of vertical and horizontal pipes. This is to mention that the H-frame scaffolding frames are known for their strength. Thus, we recommend them for sturdy building constructions. There is also interconnection of scissor type cross braces. Pins and spring clips are used to join the structure. This adds to the strength of the structure. This is necessary for adding strength to the structure.
The specifications of our H-frame scaffolding
These welded frames are made of standard 40mm NB vertical and horizontal tube and 50mm socket with spigot. Adjacent rows of such frames are connected by scissors type of cross bracing or by 40 mm NB plain ledgers and double/swivel couplers. Usual sizes are 3M,2.5M,2M,1.5M and 1M.
Why choose us?
We provide high quality H- frame scaffolding structure which can be used for high rise building structure. We also provide bulk H-frame scaffolding structures. Thus we can cater to large scale requirement posted by large projects. We customize the specifications according to client’s needs. This helps both us and our clients maximum level of job satisfaction.

H-frame Scaffolding manufacturer in kolkata