floor forms/ Slab shuttering

Floor forms/Slab shuttering
Our firm is acknowledged as the renowned manufacturer, supplier and installer of high quality floor form or slab shuttering in the engineering and construction industry. We offer an extensive range of slab shuttering products. We ensure that only top quality products are used in the production process so that we can supply only high quality products which are considered top notch according to market standards.
Further, our slab shuttering is preferred by the construction industry. They ease out the plastering process. As opposed to the traditional practice of developing nations which is to use wooden logs, slab shuttering are numerous benefits. Construction engineers who understand the importance of perfect finishing of plasters naturally prefer slab shuttering. As against wooden planks, the edges are perfectly maintained by the slab shuttering.
Floor forms or slab shuttering are manufactured from 14 Gauge M.S sheets with pressed flanges and stiffeners with proper slots at the edges. Odd dimensions are filled up with the adjuster floor forms or slab forms. Normal sizes are 600 mm in width and in lengths of 900 mm (for 400 mm slab thickness) and 1150 mm (for300mm slab thickness). Adjusters are normally 400 and 250 mm wide in the lengths of 900 mm and 1150mm.
Uses of slab shuttering
They are also called concrete frame works; these are used for new concrete constructions e.g walls, columns, footings, beams etc. We deliver various kinds of frame works for various structural requirements. It is particularly used to help the concrete gain enough strength before the slab shuttering can be removed. Though various types of shuttering are made out of various materials and can serve different purposes, the actual purpose of slab shuttering remains constant.
There are various types of shuttering. Floor form is specific kind of shuttering used for construction of RCC slabs.

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