Why we are the best Scaffolding manufacturer in Kolkata

Scaffolding Kolkata

Scaffolding is an essential service for the construction industry. We at S.G.A industries try and innovate to provide the right and varied kind of scaffolding service. We are among some of the oldest names in the scaffolding industry in the city of Kolkata. With each passing year we have enlarged our services. We are glad that we have remained strong and trust worthy entity in the scaffolding industry. We place our best efforts to provide complete scaffolding services irrespective of the building size. Thus, we are leading scaffolding manufacturer in Kolkata.  In is age when the Kolkata skyline is being redefined with skyscrapers we are proud to be a part of this infrastructure and architectural growth story. Our prerogative is to keep growing.
Why is scaffolding so integral to construction industry?
The construction industry depends on a variety of integrated services. Scaffolding is one among the prime services put to extensive use by construction engineers. Now, let’s have a look why is scaffolding so important for construction?
Perfect positioning
Scaffolding is eases tactical positioning of construction workers. As the height of building continues to rise, it is absolutely needed to have specialized scaffolding services so that workers can reach up to complete heights of building ceilings and walls.  In most cases the scaffolding structures carry more than one worker. Depending upon the kind of construction work the size of the scaffolding is chosen. It can be customized in case of long term construction projects.
Safety first-
The construction phase of high rises involves a lot of risky on the part of workers. Thus, their safety is one of top priority. Scaffolding provides the most important safety assistance to workers who need to stay working at height. Workers can use the firm platform to work in ease. Even if a number of workers need to co-work simultaneously, the crucial use of scaffolding structures would help them work easily.
Effortless accessibility
This is particularly true in case of high rise buildings that accessibility to the higher floors remains a challenge. Constructing a high-rise is no easy game. In various phases of construction workers and engineers needs to access various floors of the building which would be impossible without proper scaffolding mechanism. With easy reach of even the remotest corner of the building, the construction work is completed resourcefully.
We are glad to help our clients with adjustable steel props, floor forms/slab, telescopic spans and variety of other equipments. Let’s look into all our products with some details.

  • Adjustable Steel Props

A product of pipe and pipe fittings, they provide ideal support for varied kind of frame works, walls, columns, beams etc.

They are use to assist the plastering work. They have clear edge over the wooden logs. They are used for perfect plastering finish.

They are imperative part of scaffolding system. The best part is that they are adjustable thus they can be used for varied kind of scaffolding systems.

They are customized frames used for large groups to create access scaffolding to high rises.

These have horizontal crossbar fitted with ‘three way clamps’.

There is a range of round lock scaffolding system. They have captive collars and verticals properly welded to them.

It consists of tubes of varied sizes which help in creating a support structure when connected with each other with clamps.

They help casting large area walls. Steel framing is put to use for creating the wall frame.

Adjustable telescopic spans, also known as adjustable steel props or shoring props, are temporary structural supports commonly used in construction projects such as building construction, bridge construction, and renovation projects in Kolkata. They provide support to formwork, scaffolding, or other load-bearing structures and transfer the vertical loads to the ground. The height can be adjusted telescopically to suit specific requirements using pins or locking mechanisms.

The Wedge Lock scaffolding system is a popular modular system used in construction projects in Kolkata. Its design provides a secure and efficient platform for workers at different heights.

Scaffolding for repair works
We provide scaffolding service for not only construction but a large part our clients consist of repairing work as well. Repairing of tall high rises is considered to be very much dependant on the use of proper scaffolding. Through proper scaffolding any repair job can be completed within limited time frame. We are a provider of large type of scaffolding services that can be used for varied kind of repair job. As scaffolding materials manufacturer in Kolkata we have an extensive client list.
Choose the right kind of scaffolding
We at S.G.A industries provide a large array scaffolding services. But, not all services are suitable for all kinds of construction projects. The purpose of Steel wall forms is very different from round lock scaffolding fittings. The kind of scaffolding to be used is also dependant on the fact that for what kind of building construction is scaffolding needed. The requirements of a very tall high rise must differ from small building. Likewise, the scaffolding necessities of a construction work differ from that repair work. Thus, we place our project costs depending upon the scaffolding needs of any particular project. Feel free to contact us with details of your project for price quotation.